City Pillar Shrine of Bangkok is also known as San Lak Muang. Know more about the City Pillar Shrine of Bangkok, Thailand.

City Pillar Shrine

Location: Southeast Corner of Sanam Luang
Built in: 1782
Highlights: Houses the 'Lak Muang'
Local Name: San Lak Muang

City Pillar Shrine, located at the southeast corner of Sanam Luang, is an elegant looking temple in Bangkok. Keeping in accord with the ancient Thai tradition, that the establishment of a new city should always be followed by the erection of a City Pillar, King Rama I had the Bangkok City Pillar raised on 21 April 1782. Also known as San Lak Muang, it saw erection when King Rama I shifted his capital from Thonburi to Bangkok. In fact, the pillar served as the foundation stone of his newly established capital in Bangkok. Today, there are many pillar shrines of similar nature, located all across Thailand.

City Pillar Shrine of Bangkok originally held a single pillar (Lak Muang) placed by King Rama I, leading to it also being known as San Lak Muang. It was carved out of cassia wood, known as 'Chaiyaphruek', and was 75 cm thick and 27 cm high. However, under the regime of Rama IV, a new pillar was instated in place of the rundown old Bangkok City Pillar Shrine pillar. It was also made of cassia wood and was 270 cm in height, with a wide base of 175 cm. Moreover, the shrine was refurbished to a pavilion with a Prang-shaped spire to shelter it. The establishment of this shrine saw the fabrication of various other shrines in many neighboring places of Bangkok.

According to local beliefs, City Pillar Shrine has the power of granting wishes. Therefore, many people visit the shrine to seek blessings from the Divine. People genuflect on the foot of the pillar, girdled with a dazzling pavilion. Devotees, whose prayers sees fulfillment, hire traditional dance troupes & organize dances free of cost for the public. It is a way of showing their gratitude to the foundation spirit of the shrine. Apart from the pillars, the place also enshrines images of various protective deities, making it a popular religious visitation of Bangkok.

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