Thai is the official language of Bangkok. Know about the major languages spoken in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok Languages

Official Language: Thai
Major Spoken Languages: Thai, English, Chinese, Malay, Lao, Mon-Khmer

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, domiciles people belonging to different parts of the globe and thus, acts as a common cultural platform for many communities. In Bangkok, you will come across people from different countries, like China, Japan, India, South Korea, Europe, America, Nigeria, etc. However, a major chunk of the populace belongs to ethnic Thai communities. Owing to the huge percentage of Thai population in the city, Thai Language is the most widely spoken of all major languages and also forms the official language of the place.

Moreover, as Thailand never faced any kind of foreign incursion, Thai language has dominated the linguistic map of the country since ages. In fact, there are four major Thai dialects, corresponding to the different regions of the country. The language belonging to the central regions of the country is called Central Thai or Bangkok Thai. Therefore, in Bangkok too, the Thai language forms the main language of the city. Besides, some people also speak minor Thai dialects like Phuan and Lue.

Even though, the Thai language is the most widely used language of Bangkok, the immigration of various non-Thai communities has led to the penetration of many other languages in the place. Today, English has also gained momentum in various commercial and governmental areas and predominantly, in the tourist locales. Most signs, including traffic ones, are written in both Thai and English. Besides, English is also taught in all public schools. Therefore, tourists who do not speak Thai can take resort to English, to communicate in the city.

If you are keen on conversing in the Thai language, you can purchase a good phrasebook from a bookstore. Thai people appreciate when tourists communicate in their language. Besides, this way you can also relate to the locals. Remember, to suffix sentences with the words 'khrap' and 'kha'. They have no real meaning, but are used to mark a polite verbal etiquette. Males should use 'khrap', while women should say 'kha'. Apart from Thai and English, other major languages of Bangkok are Chinese, Malay, Lao, Mon-Khmer, etc.

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